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The various stages of your stay

To make sure your research visit in France is a success, it is wise to prepare as early as possible. We recommend that you start necessary procedures around 4 months prior to your arrival in Lyon.

Prior to your departure

On your arrival in Lyon or in Saint-Etienne and during your stay

Before leaving France

  • Accommodation: give notice and set a date for the inspection.
  • Terminate your contracts: electricity, gas, telephone, Internet, water, etc.
  • Inform the authorities: CPAM (healthcare system), tax office, CAF (family benefits), Pôle Emploi (employment center), private health Insurance etc.
  • Close your bank account
  • Employment: ask for your contract termination documents.
Find templates and information on our help page.Are you leaving Lyon but staying in France? You can inform the authorities of your new address online on the public service website:

Funding your PhD studies

If you have not yet found funding for your PhD studies in Lyon or Saint-Etienne, there are several possible solutions: