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Visa applications

Everyone from a non-exempt country must apply for a visa to legally enter France, whether for a short or long stay. The visa application applies to the scientist and their family (their spouse and minor children) whether they all arrive in France together or after the scientist has moved to France.

You must apply for your visa at least two months before coming to France at a French consulate in your country of residence. The French embassy or consulate can inform you of the procedure you need to follow to apply for your visa. For all visa applications, go to France visa, the official website of the French government.

The type of visa depends on both the duration of and nature of your stay.

The long-stay "D" visa

This visa covers the scientist and their family who are planning a stay of more than 90 days in France.

For this visa, you must apply for a residence permit or a validation of your VLS-TS (long-stay visa valid as a residence permit) within two months following your arrival in France to legally stay in the country.

Depending on the nature of your stay, your “D” visa may have the following statuses:
  • Talent passport - researcher (“Passeport talent-chercheur”): for individuals with a hosting agreement;
  • Research scientist (“Scientifique-chercheur”): for Algerian nationals with a hosting agreement;
  • Student (“Etudiant”): for PhD students enrolled in a higher education institution in France and who do not have a hosting agreement issued by their institution;
  • Talent passport - family (“Passeport talent-famille”): for the spouses and children under 18 years of age of scientists and PhD students holding a “Talent passport - researcher” visa;
  • Scientist spouse (“Conjoint de scientifique”): for the spouses and children under 18 years of age of Algerian scientists and PhD students holding a “Research scientist” visa
  • Visitor (“Visiteur”): in particular for spouses of PhD students holding a “Student” D visa, partners of scientists and adult children.
Depending on your type of visa, your status, your rights and obligations will be different. For example, “Talent passport” and “Talent passport - family” visas give you the right to work, but “Visitor” visas do not. That is why it is important to apply for the right visa before you leave as, once you are in France, depending on your situation, it may be difficult or even impossible to change your visa or status.

Short stay "C" visa (or "Schengen visa")

This visa covers the scientist and their family who are planning a stay of 90 days or less in France. This visa does not require you to apply for a residence permit or online validation when you arrive in France. 
This type of visa does not entitle you to settle in France and cannot be extended, except in the event of force majeure. You will not be issued with a residence permit when this visa expires.
For more information about the conditions for extending your visa on a very exceptional basis by the Préfecture du Rhône.