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They have benefited from our support

Espace Ulys has lots to offer to make moving to and staying in Lyon and Saint-Etienne a pleasant experience. We wanted to hear from scientists who have benefited from our support during their stay.

Here's what they have to say!
Sabrina, a Brazilian researcher at Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
"Espace Ulys was of great help to me. I am a foreigner and spent a year as a postdoctoral researcher at the Université de Lyon. Thanks to the amount of information that the Espace Ulys website offers, I had all the necessary information I needed to know before arriving in Lyon. In addition, they were essential in helping me find the apartment where I stayed, as well as helping me with matters related to the French social security system. I was also able to view all the essential steps to do before leaving Lyon. Espace Ulys helped me every step of the way during my stay in Lyon. Thanks to everyone at Espace Ulys, you made my stay less complicated."

Arasan, Indian PhD student at ENTPE
"My experiences with Espace Ulys were always great They helped me in various administrative procedures (residence permit, housing, social security, etc.) and I am grateful for their service and comfortable environment that they provided to talk about my issues with those procedures. Many times, I thought that without Espace Ulys, my stay in France would have been quite challenging by spending most of my time sorting out administrative problems on my own instead of spending it on my research. Espace Ulys provided me with a great supportive system to have my stay in France be peaceful."
Georgii, Russian PhD student at the Ecole Centrale de Lyon
"I am very grateful for the help provided. Espace Ulys assisted me with finding an apartment before my arrival in France. Also, they explained and helped with the residence permit procedures. Besides that, they also answered many other questions related to various documents."

Huihui, postdoctoral researcher at emlyon business school
"Espace Ulys’s service was very helpful. They replied to my email quickly with efficient answers. They helped me a lot regarding my visa problems. Without them, I would not have gotten my working permit successfully."

Rafael, Mexican researcher at the IRCELYON laboratory
"I received prompt attention since my first inquiry. Espace Ulys kindly followed my case throughout the entire process, from providing me with the first steps to take into account before my arrival, until finding a good place to stay in one of the Crous residences. They always addressed me in my mother language (Spanish), which made the communication easier and clearer for me. I am truly happy for having contacted Espace Ulys and thankful their assistance."
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