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Supplementary cover and private insurance


Although this is optional, we recommend that researchers covered by the Assurance Maladie (French National Health Service) take out a supplementary healthcare insurance policy (mutuelle) to receive a better reimbursement rate. The French national health service provided by the social security system only covers part of your healthcare costs. Your share of the fees may be relatively high depending on the treatment received (e.g. dental, hospitalization, eye care fees, etc.).

Your employer may offer a group supplementary insurance policy to cover you as an employee. Please contact your employer’s Human Resources department.

Do you work in the public sector? More information about supplementary health insurance in the public sector.

If you are on a low income, you may be covered by the supplementary universal cover scheme (previously known as CMU-C). For more information, follow the online procedure.

If your employer does not provide supplementary cover, you can take out a policy with an insurance company.

The levels of cover offered by private insurers may vary depending on the company. Do not hesitate to compare offers to find the right supplementary insurance cover that best suits your needs.

The MAGE and MGEN insurance companies have offers for staff working for the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.
Phd students can also benefit from offers for students.

Private insurance

If you are not eligible for cover by the social security system, several options are available to you:

  • Remain registered with the social security system in your country of origin or previous country of residence (check that you are covered in France for the entire duration of your stay);
  • Take out a private insurance policy in your country of origin that will cover all healthcare costs, for you and your family, for the entire duration of your stay in France;
  • Take out a private insurance policy in France.
Make sure you get all the information you need before you leave: private insurance premiums vary greatly from country to country.

The EURAXESS France network has negotiated offers for healthcare cover for international scientists.

More information on the Fnak website – Negotiated insurance offers.
These offers are available to international researchers registered with the service: link to register.