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Your research activities in France and your stay in this country might have tax related consequences depending on your specific situation.

The Espace Ulys made a guide to help you better understand your situation, the means through which you can contact the tax administration and to explain to you how to do the main procedures. This guide is designed to answer rather simple questions. If your situation is more complex, we advise you to contact a specialized legal counselor.

When you arrive in France

If you have a working contract in France, the income tax will be directly withheld from your salary. It might be interesting to request an adjustment of your withholding rate. To do so, you will have to fill form 2043-SD, in paper for a first procedure, or online if you already have an individual online account on the tax administration’s website.

You will also have to determine whether you are a tax resident in France. If you are, you will have to fill a tax return for any income, earned in France and abroad. If you are not, you will only have to fill a tax return if you have earned income in France.

The year after your arrival

The year after your arrival, you will have, depending on your situation (resident or not) to declare your income to the tax administration. To do so, fill form 2042, on paper or online.

If you were accommodated in France January 1st, you might have to pay a housing tax. This tax is based on the surface of your accommodation, the city and your income.

When you leave France

It will be important to determine whether you are still tax resident. This will have a strong impact on your situation.

It is also very important to inform the tax administration of your new address abroad so that you can be reached.