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RHÔNE - COVID-19 : Information Rhône department

On The October 29, 2020

Rhône department

UPDATED: 29/10/2020 - The coronavirus continues to spread in the country. Following the President of the Republic of France on October 28th, the lockdown is reintroduced in France starting from October 30th.

On October 28th, the President of the Republic announce the reintroduction of the lockdown on the French territory, from October 30th to, at least, December 1st. The situation will be reviewed each 15 days to adapt the measures, if need be.

The Prime Minister will give details on this new lockdown during the press conference that will take place on October 29th. In the meantime, information contained are not definitive and will be updated in the following days.

For more details about restriction measures check the following sections :

NEW 29/10/2020 – The President announced that schools will remain opened during the lockdown. Sanitary measures will be reinforced.

NEW 29/10/2020 – Universities and higher education institutions will only give online classes. These institutions are no longer able to welcome students.

Adults and children from 11 years old must wear a mask in schools and universities.

In kindergarten and primary schools, from 3 confirmed covid cases in one class, this class will be closed.

NEW 29/10/2020 – Non-essential businesses will close at least until December 1st. The list of businesses allowed to pursue their activity will soon be available.

Wearing a mask inside publics spaces is mandatory.


NEW 29/10/2020 – Starting from October 30th, going out will not be allowed. Few exceptions to this rule : health, important family matters, professional or walking pets. This measure applies until December 1st at least.

Certificates available below might change. The Prime Minister, during his press conference on October 29th, will give the needed information.
An attestation is mandatory for every outings between 9pm. and 6 am.
Download the certificate:

If you need to go out for professional reasons, a proof from your employer must be added to the first attestation.
Download the employer's certificate (French only): PDF   WORD

In transportation facilities, wearing a mask will be mandatory. Not complying to the rules will be fined.

In order to limit Covid19 spread, wearing a mask outside is mandatory in Lyon and Villeurbanne 24/7. People under 11years old are exempted from this rule.

Wearing a mask is now mandatory from 6am to 2 am in the following cities:
  • Bron,
  • Belleville-en-Beaujolais,
  • Caluire-et-Cuire,
  • Chassieu,
  • Francheville,
  • Givors,
  • Vaulx-en-Velin,
  • Vénissieux,
  • Saint-Fons,
  • Saint-Priest,
  • Rillieux-la-Pape,
  • Tassin-la-Demi-Lune,
  • Sainte-Foy-Lès-Lyon,
  • Saint-Genis-Laval,
  • Décines.
Not wearing a mask can be fined €135. People under 11years old are exempted from this rule.

NEW 30/09/2020 - Gatherings of more than 10 people in the public space is prohibited.

Driving licence exchange

Holders of a non-european and non-French driving licence benefit from an extension to ask for the exchange of your foreigner driving licence.
  • If you didn’t ask for the exchange yet: you will be allowed to do it until September 23rd 2020. From August 4th, a dedicated online procedure will open on the Agence Nationale des Titres Sécurisés (ANTS),
  • If you have already asked for the exchange and you have an attestation expiring between March 12th and June 23rd 2020: your attestation is automatically extented until September 23rd (unless you received a refusal notification).
  • If you have already asked for the exchange and you have an attestation expiring between June 24th and September 23rd 2020: the extention doesn’t apply to your document. The ANTS is doing its best in order to process this demands before their expiry date.
From June 15th, paper demands are not accepted anymore. Demands will only be allowed through the ANTS online procedure. The platform will be available on August 4th 2020.

Holders of a « Student » residence permit don’t need to exchange their driving licence in order to be allowed to drive in France.

NEW 29/10/2020 – Remote working is generalized to all when possible, throughout the territory. Few professions can still pursue their activity in a normal way (construction, factory, industry…)

Due to the pandemic and to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the CROUS residences, CROUS de Lyon asks its future residents coming to France from abroad to comply with their conditions. Depending on the country you are arriving from, these conditions can change.
  • You are coming from a « green » country : nothing special has to be done.
  • You are coming from a « red » country : mandatory to show a negative COVID-19 testing result less than 72h before the flight and entering the residence. If the test is positive or if being tested before departure was impossible, the future tenant will have to carry out a 14 days quarantine in another structure at his/her own expense. The tenant cannot carry out this quarantine in the residence.

CPAM Rhône continues to take into account all demands.

If you need to contact CPAM, prefer using your personal account on or the Assurance Maladie smartphone/tablet application (only possible with a permanent social security number). It is now possible to arrange a phone appointment from your personal account.

So as to avoid moving around, prefer sending your documents by Post:
  • You are in sick leave: you must send the requested documents by postal mail only (see postal addresses below, according to your situation)
  • Other demands: all other demands are to be transmitted by Post at the following address:
    • European Scientists with a French working contract: CPAM du Rhône 69907 Lyon cedex 20
    • International scientists under “Passeport talent –chercheur" or “Scientifique chercheur” status with a French working contract: Assurance Maladie SRI/Talents 75948 PARIS Cedex 19
    • European students and international PhDs WITHOUT a French working contract and registered in a French university: registrer through
If your are eligible to the supplementary universal cover (“Complémentaire santé solidaire”), you are asked to apply online (through your personnal Ameli account session “effectuer une démarche”> “faire une demande de CMU-C")

Depending on your situation, l'Ordonnance n° 2020-312 du 25 mars 2020 (article 1: Complémentaire Santé Solidaire, AME) extends your rights to the CMU-C and the “Aide Médicale d’Etat” for 3 months if it has expired between March 12th 2020 and July 31rst 2020.

More information about AME during the lockdown period available on Ameli website.

If you need to contact your CPAM agency, you can do it through your personal Ameli account on your computer or through the app. Note that, in order to access your personal Ameli account, you need to have your final Social Security number.

CPAM will prioritize payments for essential services.

We advise you to oftenly check Ameli's “news” page.


Since May 13th, the Prefecture progressively reopened by appointment only for first requests of a residence permit, renewals or change of status.

Access to the prefecture is only possible upon appointment, by showing the summons received. It is recommended to wear a mask and bring a personal pen to the appointment.

Online procedures have been implemented to deal with demands which didn’t require appointments before:

  • Long stay visas,
  • Residence permits, except those delivered to foreign diplomatic and consular staff,
  • Provisional residence permits (Autorisations provisoires de séjour),
  • Receipts of application for a residence permit (Récépissé de demande de titre de séjour),
Validity extention for attestation of asylum application remains of 90 days.

In order to facilitate travels and coming back to France with these extended residence documents, the Government issued an attestation on their official website. Don't forget to print them and to carry them with you during your travel abroad.
French version / English version

So as to take your residence permit at the Prefecture, you now need to take an appointment on this platform. This special process only concerns people who received a SMS or email from the Prefecture saying the card is ready.

If you did not receive such a message, send us an email with your reicept or APS.

NEW 29/10/2020 – Borders into the EU remain open.
Borders outside of the Schengen area remain closed. In order to enter France from another country, quick testing will be normalized.

Following the European Council statement of August 7th 2020, the EU reopened its border to some countries considered as safe. The list is to be revised each 15 days and will surely evolve.

Scientists and students can come to France for their studies professional reasons. Regarding the color ranking of your country of residence (green, orange, red), some specific procedures can apply.

  • If you arrive from a green ranked country, there is no specific procedure to follow. Before your flight, you can be asked to provide a sworn statement declaring that you don’t have any symptoms of the Covid19 virus or had any contact with someone having coronavirus.
  • If you arrive from a red ranked country, you must provide a travelling certificate, a contact sheet giving your place of residence in France and a sworn statement that you don’t have symptoms of COVID-19 and did not have contacts with a COVID-19 confirmed case. On top of these documents, you must either show a negative COVID test less than 72 hours before boarding or being tested upon arrival in France. Verify what applies in your case, depending on the country you are arriving from.

Check what procedure applies to you according to your situation: Campus France and Interior Ministry FAQ.

Borders in-between Schengen countries are now re-opened. Some are opened under conditions. In order to prepare your travel, the European Commission created the Re-Open EU website to help you.

It is now possible again to ask for a visa. Don’t hesitate to contact the Consulate of your city of residence and to check the France Visa official website.

Holders of a French valid residence permit or a long stay visa equivalent to a residence permit (VLS-TS) validated in France, who are currently abroad, are authorized to come back to France.