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LOIRE- COVID-19 : Information Loire department

On The March 27, 2020

Loire department

UPDATED: 27/03/2020 - In order to control the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, the French government decided to take restrictions measures. These measures may impact the Loire prefecture.

The Government decided to take drastic measures to control the spread of the virus. These measures have a direct impact on administrations, in particular on the Prefectures.

These restrictive measures highly impact all French Institutions and administrations and life in general:
  • Prefecture is closed until further notice
  • Schools and universities are closed until further notice
  • Employees who can are strongly invited to do remote work at home.
  • Bars, restaurants, shops are closed (only exceptions for Pharmacies, Food stores, tobaccoshops) until further notice
Moreover, in accordance with the 1st article of the decree taken on March 16th 2020, every personal and professional movements are now strictly regulated in order to avoid the COVID-19 spread.

In this regard, it is now mandatory for each person going out to have a certificate duly filled in, signed and dated to explain why they are out.
You can either print it or handwrite it down. No electronic form is admitted.

Two types are available according to your situation:

Individual certificate
You are only allowed to go out for one of the motives listed on the certificate :
  • you have to go to work (because remote work is not possible) and you are outside for a professional reason. In this case, employer must sign the professional certificate as well (see below)
  • you need to buy food
  • you need to go to the doctor or pharmacy (healthcare reason)
  • you have to handle family emergencies such as death, sickness, taking care of a person in a state of emergency or children
  • you are outside for some physical activity (walk, running) or walking your dog, but it does state that you understand you have to walk alone keeping your distances and not doing a group sport.
It is compulsory to have this certificate with you when you go out, filled in, dated and signed.

Word version PDF version

Professional or employer certificate
If remote work is not possible, you will need to have the personal certificate for professional reason (see above) and your employer must fill in and sign this certificate.

It will proove that you’re outside because your employer needs you at work.

This certificate will be valid for all the period of the restrictive measures.

Word version PDF version

Not respecting this new regulation can be fined 135€. The police and military are allowed to check that the rules are respected and ask you to show the certificate(s) and your ID (residence permit, passport, etc.).

The Loire Prefecture is now closed until further notice. All appointments are cancelled. More information are awaited.

The order n°2020-328 of 25 March 2020 extending the validity of residence documents extends the validity of documents expired between 16 March and 15 May 2020. Their validity is extended for 90 days.

The documents affected by this measure are:
  • Long stay visas,
  • Residence permits, except thos delivered to foreign diplomatic and consular staff,
  • Provisional residence permits (Autorisations provisoires de séjour),
  • Receipts of application for a residence permit (Récépissé de demande de titre de séjour),
  • Attestation of asylum application.
This order only applies on the French territory. It is strongly recommended not to travel outside of France with an expired residence permit.

External borders of the European Union and Schengen area will be closed from March 17th, for 30 days. All travels from/to countries outside of the European Union and Schengen countries are now suspended.

Holders of a French valid residence permit or a long stay visa equivalent to a residence permit (VLS-TS) validated in France, who are currently abroad, are authorized to come back to France.
However, it is highly recommended to return to France as soon as possible, if you intent to. The situation changes fast, there is a risk of not being allowed to come back anymore.

Please check if the flight/train connection is available and contact the local French embassy in case you don't know how to come back.
If you wish to leave France, please contact your embassy and check with them what it’s possible to do.

Please also check with your airplane company if your flight is maintained: a lot of flights are suspended and airports closed.

Please also check with your destination country if any restrictive measures are applied to people coming from France (closed borders, compulsory quarantine, etc..)