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Venkata Bipin Kumar RACHAPUTI's testimonial, researcher at Université Jean Monnet

Venkata Bipin Kumar RACHAPUTI, former Hubert Curien lab researcher, shares with us his experience during his stay in Saint-Etienne.

Why did you choose Université de Lyon for your studies/research?

I’m a master’s student at university of Ottawa, Canada and I got an opportunity to do research at Saint Etienne as a part of my coop program at our university. I worked with Dennis Diefenbach at Laboratoire Hubert Curien.

How have you heard of Espace Ulys and why did you ask us for help?

Yes. During my office hours at the lab, other scientists used to talk about the events that are held by espace and I was eagerly looking for making new connections in the town outside my lab. Also I felt we can gain a potential network with the help of Ulys community as I found many English-speaking elite people in the town and in every event, I got to know different cultures and practices in France.

In your opinion, why should international PhD students and researchers join the Ulys community?

I felt Ulys is one great community which has a very good network that can help new international students settle down in Saint Etienne. When I had few issues with my visa, Coralie from Ulys helped me a lot by assisting me from getting the information from préfecture. As my french skills are very poor, she helped me in resolving every stage of my visa issue until I reached my home town. I also feel every student should enroll in this community which makes every student life easier. Also there are various workshops for new international students which are kind of ice breaker sessions and makes us feel comfortable in the new environment.

What is your best memory of your stay in Lyon/Saint-Etienne?

I found the best people in the town with the help of Ulys community. I still remember we went for a beautiful trek to this place called Rochetaillée during a snow fall in November 2019. We had an amazing conversation followed by a great lunch by saying "bon appétit".

What would be your advice to new international scientists arriving in Lyon/Saint-Etienne?

Saint Etienne is a small town with beautiful valleys around. Though it’s a small town it had a great intellectual scientists with beautiful hearts inside. If you got a chance to work or study at saint Etienne, never look back, you are going to a great place for sure ? I would definitely go back and meet my friends in my next France visit.

Which French word summarizes your stay in Lyon/Saint-Etienne?

“Je veux du pain du chocolat”. The first French sentence I learnt to order at boulangerie. I really loved this bread a lot. Although I find these at Canada, the taste at the boulangerie is unmatched. Every day when I get a break, I used to visit boulangerie and taste some nice french desserts along with the pain au chocolat.