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Scientists with a " Passeport talent-chercheur", "Scientifique-chercheur" visa and their spouses

Joining the French healthcare system: Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie (CPAM) can be a lengthy process. We strongly recommend that you arrive in France with insurance covering you for the first few months of your stay.

Scientists from third countries with a French employment contract and their families

The CPAM is the branch of the social security scheme in charge of healthcare cover for employees. Researchers with a "Passeport talent-chercheur" or "Scientifique-chercheur" visa must apply for membership with the Paris CPAM that handles your request.

All members of your family must individually join the healthcare system.

Once you have received your social security number, you will be eligible to receive reimbursement of any healthcare expenses incurred from you first day of employment.

Your employer might do the registration procedure on your behalf. You should check with your HR department whether they do it. If they do not, you must send your complete file to the Paris CPAM yourself:
Assurance Maladie
75948 PARIS CEDEX 19

Download the list of documents required for CPAM registration.

NOTE: If you sign your employment contract on the first day of work, you only need your contract to request registration. On the other hand, if you sign your employment contract BEFORE the first day at work, you will have to wait for your first pay slip before applying to the CPAM. The CPAM wants to be sure that you have started work.

Once the CPAM Paris has received your application, it will be processed within about one month. Within the following three to six months, you will receive a document proving your eligibility: “attestation de droits” and an application form for the health system card: “carte vitale”. This will simplify your future reimbursement claims.

For all other questions (submission of “feuilles de soins”, claims for compensation, etc.), contact the CPAM in Paris by email to the main address stating your social security number.

Scientists from third countries without French employment contracts and their families

If you do not have a French employment contract, you cannot benefit from the French social security scheme.
If you are not covered by the health system in your home-country for French healthcare, you have several other options:
  • take out private insurance in your home country that covers health expenses for you and your family while in France;
  • take out private insurance in France.