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RHÔNE - COVID-19 : Information Rhône department

On The May 11, 2021

Rhône department

UPDATED: 11/05/2021 - some measres related to the COVID-19 crisis will progressively be lifted.

For more details about restriction measures check the following sections :

As part of the government’s screening strategy in order to stop the virus circulation, you have the possibility to be tested in the 3 following situations :
  • You do not have Covid-19 symptoms and no medical presciption:
You can be tested in a lab without prescription and without advance payment, upon presentation of your « Carte Vitale » or social security attestation.
  • You have Covid-19 symptoms:
Consult your general practitioner as soon as possible. If your doctor suspects you are a Covid case, he will prescribe a screening test. Then, contact a laboratory carrying out Covid tests to make an appointment. The test will be paid for by the social healthcare system, therefore no advance payment, upon presentation of your « Carte Vitale » or social security attestation.
  • You are identified as a « contact » of an infected person:
If you have had a extended contact with an infected person, you are therefore identified as a « cas contact ». You will be notified by your doctor or the Regional Health Agency (Agence Régionale de Santé – ARS). After receiving the alert, contact a laboratory carrying out Covid tests to make an appointment. The test will be paid for by the social healthcare system, therefore no advance payment, upon presentation of your « Carte Vitale » or social security attestation.

When identified as a « cas contact », the delay to be tested will differ if :
  • The infected person lives with you : you need to be tested within 24 hours after being notified.
  • The infected person does not live with you : the test has to be made at least 7 days after the last contact you had. If symptoms appear, you must be tested within 24 hours.

Find a lab carrying out Covid tests

On the day of your appointment, you’ll have to bring your ID and your « Carte Vitale » or social security attestation.

If you don’t have a social security number yet, some laboratories can generate a provisional number at the desk. Ask the lab of your choice to know if they offer this possibility on the spot. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the test and ask for reimbursement afterwards.


NEW 11/05/2021 - Schools (from elementary to high school) reopened on May 3rd.

Non-essential businesses will reopen from May 19th, as well as bars and restaurants.
Wearing a mask in publics spaces is mandatory.


NEW 11/05/2021 – From May 3rd there is no more specific measures related to going out during the day. The curfe is still to be observed. A specific authorization is still required to go

The curfew is maintained between 7pm and 6am.
From May 19th between 9pm and 6am.
From June 9th between 11pm and 6am.
From June 30th the curfew will be lifted.

You will find detailed information on the government’s dedicated website.

Download the mandatory certificates:

An attestation is mandatory for outings of more than 10km:
Download the certificate: PDF

An attestation is mandatory for outings during the curfew:
Download the certificate: PDF

If you need to go out for professional reasons, a proof from your employer must be added to the first attestation.

Download the employer's certificate (French only): PDF   WORD

When going to school to drop off or pick up your children at school, you’ll need to have a certificate from the school.
Download the school’s certificate (French only) : PDF   WORD

Not respecting the lockdown and not presenting a certificate will be fined 135€. In case of repeated infringement, the fine will be increased and can go up to 3750€.

In transportation facilities, wearing a mask will be mandatory. Not complying to the rules will be fined.

In order to limit Covid19 spread, wearing a mask outside is mandatory for everyone more than 6 years old.

Not wearing a mask can be fined €135. People under 11years old are exempted from this rule.

Remote working is generalized to all when possible, throughout the territory. Few professions can still pursue their activity in a normal way (construction, factory, industry…)

Due to the pandemic and to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the CROUS residences, CROUS de Lyon asks its future residents coming to France from abroad to comply with their conditions. Depending on the country you are arriving from, these conditions can change.
  • You are coming from a « green » country : nothing special has to be done.
  • You are coming from a « red » country : mandatory to show a negative COVID-19 testing result less than 72h before the flight and entering the residence. If the test is positive or if being tested before departure was impossible, the future tenant will have to carry out a 14 days quarantine in another structure at his/her own expense. The tenant cannot carry out this quarantine in the residence.

CPAM Rhône continues to take into account all demands.

If you need to contact CPAM, prefer using your personal account on or the Assurance Maladie smartphone/tablet application (only possible with a permanent social security number). It is now possible to arrange a phone appointment from your personal account.

So as to avoid moving around, prefer sending your documents by Post:
  • You are in sick leave: you must send the requested documents by postal mail only (see postal addresses below, according to your situation)
  • Other demands: all other demands are to be transmitted by Post at the following address:
    • European Scientists with a French working contract: CPAM du Rhône 69907 Lyon cedex 20
    • International scientists under “Passeport talent –chercheur" or “Scientifique chercheur” status with a French working contract: Assurance Maladie SRI/Talents 75948 PARIS Cedex 19
    • European students and international PhDs WITHOUT a French working contract and registered in a French university: registrer through
If you need to contact your CPAM agency, you can do it through your personal Ameli account on your computer or through the app. Note that, in order to access your personal Ameli account, you need to have your final Social Security number.

CPAM will prioritize payments for essential services.

We advise you to oftenly check Ameli's “news” page.


NEW 02/04/2021 The desk for passeport talent chercheur applications closes from April 6 to April 30 2021. Appointments taken through the Espace Ulys are canceled. Pick-up appointments are still available and maintained.

We will keep your informed of the new procedures to take appointments from May 3rd.
For the renewal of a récépissé, you can do it through a procedure by mail as described on the prefecture's website.
NEW 11/05/2021 The outer borders of the Schengen area are closed. A compelling reason is necessary to enter France from a country outside the Schengen area.

Some countries are subject to additional restrictions. It is not possible for someone comming from one of these countries to settle in France. Those who already have their main residence in France can come back under some conditions.

Other countries are subject to eased restrictions.

You will find all the information and the documents to provide on the dedicated english website of the French government.
Foreign tourists will be allowed to come to France from June 9th if they can produce a vaccination certificate.