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Maria LUEDY MENDES' testimonial, researcher at Université Jean Monnet

Maria MENDES LUEDY, researcher at CIEREC (Université Jean Monnet), shares with us her experience in Saint-Etienne.

Why did you choose Université de Lyon for your studies/research?

I chose Université Jean Monnet after meeting Professor Christopher Bardin working on contemporary design transversality.

How did heard of Espace Ulys and why did you ask us for help?

I discovered Espace Ulys on the internet while I was looking for universities and contacts who could welcome me and on the first contact I was very well received! I was happy and relieved because I had everyhing I needed to start my stay in Saint Etienne. I received the help I needed with quick, kind and efficient answers.

In your opinion, why should international PhD students and researchers join the Ulys community?

Ulys always organize interesting event to gather other international researchers. For instance, I joined in an incredible wine tasting experience and a great visit of a games exhibition in the Cité du Design. Unfortunately, the pandemic prevented other great events from being held.

What is your best memory of your stay in Saint-Etienne?

My host, Prof. Christophe Bardin, welcoming me as well as Coralie from Espace, the peace of mind and the city’s organization making moving around easier.

What would you advise new international scientists arriving in Saint-Etienne?

Use the Cité du Design media library. I found all the books I needed for my project in libraries.

Which French word summarizes your stay in Lyon/saint-Etienne ?

Merveilleuse ! Fantastique ! J’adore !