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Lie Fu's testimonial, Mathematics researcher at Université Lyon 1

Lie Fu, Mathematics researcher at Institut Camille Jordan (Lyon 1) shares with us his experience in Lyon.

Why did you choose Université de Lyon for your studies/research?

I successfully passed the « Maître de Conférencess » exam at Université Lyon 1. The lab’s scientific environmnent is excellent and my family enjoys living in Lyon.

How have you heard of Espace Ulys and why did you ask us for help?

My first contact with Espace Ulys was about my visa application when I arrived. Since then, we are regularly in touch with Espace Ulys about several administrative procedures (residence permits, working contract, etc.) as well as family activities.

In your opinion, why should international PhD students and researchers join the Ulys community?

It’s a good way to meet other colleagues and families in the same situation. Espace Ulys staff is professional and qualified to help solving any issue an international scientist could face.

What is your best memory of your stay in Lyon/Saint-Etienne?

The pic-nic with my son’s class at the Parc de la Tête d’Or. The Christmas dinner with other Espace Ulys members.

What would be your advice to new international scientists arriving in Lyon/Saint-Etienne?

Don’t remain alone, meet other families (for instance, via Espace Ulys) !

Which French word summarizes your stay in Lyon/Saint-Etienne?

"Fructueux" - Successful